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Buying a home should be an exciting experience. That's why we focus on the small details most home buyers will overlook while 'in the moment' of finding their dream home. If you want the peace of mind knowing that all of the legalities, physical nature, and other important elements of your purchase are being looked after, call us to help you locate, negotiate, and manage the details of your next home purchase.
We have over 18 years of experience helping people buy and sell homes in Durham and the GTA. We take your satisfaction seriously, and won't stop at nothing until you are competely estatic about your purchase!


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Your Dream Home Has Just Sold!

Did you know that someone may have bought your dream home today?

While most of the public sits online scanning the MLS®, newspaper ads, etc. Other home shoppers are at the cutting edge of obtaining real estate information, able to beat even seasoned Realtors® to the best properties on the market. One may ask themselves, How is that even possible?

Since the advancement of our internal catalog of real estate listings (Torontomls), Realtors® now have the ability to spot listings within minutes of them first being displayed publicly. The only reason even we don't always know what has just come on the market is that we would have to have our eyes glued to our database, 24hrs a day.

Quite honestly, unless we have a Buyer breathing down our necks to find them their dream home, we often move on to other responsibilities that demand more priority. As you can imagine, the days of home Buyers having to buy now are few and far between. In fact, todays Buyers would rather pass up on a great home unless they have been able to "study" the market for a while.

So now, what does this mean for you the consumer? Well depending on your level of motivation, (the system available to the public from your Realtor®) is extremely flexible and adequate for those looking to spot the right home to hit the market the day of or being a resource for those wanting to see what rental properties are going for, and whether now is the time to enter the real estate investment market or not.

The unique benefit of being entered into this system is that it is fully automated once set up and therefor doesn't require much of your Realtor's® time.

With that being said, if you have a good understanding of one anothers expectations, both consumer and sales associate, can relax and do things in a timely fashion.

For example; A client says "we've just been evicted and need to find a home ASAP"...well this system will work for even them, giving them daily new listings of homes available in their price range etc. at a rate of 3-6 properties per day. At the same time, the Realtor is not having to sit and wait for the right property to appear and rush to get a hold of his/her clients, possibly appearing too anxious himself?

Over my 12 years as a Realtor® I've noticed an unnecessary game that the public and sales associates play. The sales associate wants to acquire the person's business and the shopper does not want to be pressured, convinced, tricked, or persuaded into making a decision, in any way. (sound familiar?)

One way sales associates deal with this is to learn new tricks and gimmicks to trap the shopper. Meanwhile, home shoppers come up with nifty excuses to avoid having to make a decision. And at the end of it all... both parties leave feeling dissatisfied and upset.

Now, I don't now about you, but when I set out to accomplish something there is almost NO WAY that I'll give up until I've asked 100 questions, looked for help, and told the person in front of me my whole life's story...just to get some help/information! All the while, my spouse is pulling me out and scolding me for giving my name and telephone number to someone who will call us at dinner (or even worse, show up at our New Years Party!)

The interesting thing is that we (Realtors®) are also human, and avoid similar circumstances ourselves. Yet many "new" or "hungry" agents don't seem to get it! Well let me be the first to admit it, I GET IT!!! I would like to give you all the information available to me, when ever you need it, to help you make the decision that's right for you, all the time!

The only thing that I would expect in return....is the "FRIGAN" truth. If you are just looking?...that's cool. If you have to use some snobby friend of your parents, but want all the info from me....that's...cool too. etc. etc. etc.

Once we understand one another, we know what to expect and therefor aren't concealing information nor prying for information. We are simply using the industry information to help answer some questions.

My hope is that those loyal to me will eventually call me to see some properties, and/or negotiate an offer on their behalf. From the start of my career I wanted to send out a message that clearly stated my approach to earning a living in real estate. It was..."ready when you are!" and still applies to this day!

Now with all this being said, if you want the information but not the pressure...and will appreciate my position in it, as your trusted advisor...please fill out this form below to get yourself started and please mention in the "wish list" section(1) in 1yrs time (2) in a couple of months or (3) Right Now! as your motivation to move...just so I know!  and then enjoy your up-to-date surfing hot properties daily!




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