Become My V.I.P. BUYER At The Next Open House

Walk the Red Carpet into your next Open House!

Together, we can pioneer a new way to view several open houses in a short period of time. Imagine the next time you plan to attend an open house, you and your family can potentially walk through the property without having to sign a guest registry or get involved in a long winded conversation with the hosting agent. Sometimes in order to be efficient and simply focused, you may need to get in and out of a house quickly. Have your first visit of a home result in a quick decision of whether to go back to the home for a closer examination or to move on to the next.

Throughout my 13+ years of hosting open houses I've witnessed the struggle between agents trying to acquire new business and Buyers wanting to avoid "20 Questions" and the ever present subtle sales pressure. Sure, there are several valid reasons why an agent must ask a visitor to sign in, on the other hand consumers also have rights to their privacy. Having 4 agents you've met on Sunday calling you during the most inopportune times is not how you should be shopping for a home.

With this in mind, I've designed a special VIP card that you can print and present to the agent at the next open house you visit. It will act as a reference to him/her that you are "spoken for" (sort of like a wedding ring! lol) With this card, the agent will be able to verify with me that you are my clients and can be trusted in their client's home. If they require verification, they can call or page me #at one of the numbers on the card)

For this to work, I will have to collect your personal information. It will not be shared with anyone unless required by the authorities.

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