Thinking of Selling Your Home? ...Get it 'FRIGAN' Sold!

Selling a home is the largest business transaction most of us will ever make.  
We take the sale of your home very seriously! In every transaction that
we are privileged to be a part of, we immediately face the challenge with
the Seller's goals and obstacles in mind. We are truly aware of the fact
that it is the Seller's outcome and NOT our own that is really important. 
We know that our efforts will be noticed and rewarded in the end. That's
why our approachable, down-to-earth, and knowledgeable attributes have been so well
received by those who entrust us with the sale of their homes.
With the help of all our friends, collegues and clients, we have carefully maped out a 30-day
marketting plan designed to get the highest sale price available that the market will bear! 
This plan includes many closely guarded secrets that only our past, present, and future
clients will come to know and expect from us!
If you would like a 'ball park' estimate of the potential value of your home, just click on the
link below. Otherwise, we suggest (what we call) "the Maximum Value Estimate/ 'FRIGAN' Job
Interview" in person!

We Believe that the more exposure we can get for your home, the higher sale price we can
achieve together! Don't forget that selling a home with us becomes a team effort! We work
together to advise each other of items that may need attention! Our efforts of trying to attract
the most visitors to your home starts with years of search engine enhancements and a vast,
unmatched network of major websites all designed to attract the right Buyer for our house for
sale. Have a look at how we rate on search engines such as GOOGLE® by typing in "houses
for sale in ..."Oshawa etc.

Here are just a few of the huge partners we have joined with to give our listings the exposure 
they deserve! Listings Are Syndicated in Partnership With to these marketplaces.


In addition to Re/max,, and Over 350 Agent Personal Websites!!!



 Hire us today by calling 905-434-0102 OR emailing



30 Day Marketing Guarantee Plan!!!

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  • Stay in control of your house sale by dictating the marketing efforts (designed at the time of listing).
  • Also receive a written guarantee of exactly what steps will be taken in order to reach your targeted market.
  • If you haven't received what was promised to you, we will cancel the listing!
  • Together, we will record our progress and work as a team for the entire sale process. Get maximum exposure and retain control of your home sale!!!

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