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Your Link to Local OPEN HOUSES in the Durham Region!

Durham Region Open Houses  Tips for Open House shopping;

  1. Plan your Open House tour on a map in order to pack in as many open houses as possible. Open Houses are usually only 'held open' for two hours, from 2 p.m. until 4 p.m.
  2. Bring a Friend or Spouse to get a second opinion on items that you may not know about. The Open House agent usually works for the Seller and may not always want to portray the house in a negative light!
  3. Once again remember...the agent at the open house is usually working for the Seller! So if you love the home DON'T make it too apparent. It may affect the success of your offer. I suggest  hiring a "Buyer's Agent" to represent you in the transaction if you would like to try an offer. (P.S. I'm usually available with very little advance notice required...just call me at 905-434-0102)
  4. One way you can avoid sales pressure is to say "we're working with an agent, thanks" Feel free to use my name. You may be asked if you have signed a "Buyer's Representation Agreement" or 'BRA" with me...let's pretend that we have! (It's claimed that all "good agents" have their clients sign one, which is not the case)
  5. Finally, if you are wondering if the asking price is fair, send me an email to get recently sold prices of properties in the area.